BeZero Rating

The International Carbon Registry (ICR) and BeZero Carbon offer ratings of climate projects registered with the ICR

Gudmundur Sigbergsson
Published: 10:27 PM 15 Apr 2024

Climate project developers listed on ICR’s platform will now have easy access to BeZero Carbon Rating for their projects. The BeZero Carbon Rating is an assessment, on an eight-point scale (AAA to D), of the likelihood that a given project will produce credits that remove or avoid a tonne of CO2e. Ratings equip investors with a comparable risk metric to understand the quality of their climate investments. This rating is additional to robust validation and verification projects need to complete. All ratings will be available on projects profiles on

ICR currently works with most of the reputable validation and verification bodies in the world to ensure quality third party assessment of projects registered. Independent ratings provide a vital additional dimension of accountability for investors and buyers of carbon credits.

The integration of BeZero Carbon’s headline ratings on the ICR platform provides users with concise and consolidated risk-assessments for a range of carbon credits during the purchasing process, streamlining user experience.

Independently-rated projects attract more interest from carbon credit investors and buyers overall, and BeZero Carbon’s recent research suggests higher-quality projects (rated A or above by BeZero) have garnered a price premium around 200% higher than its other rated credits.

BeZero Carbon Ratings are derived from a range of curated and proprietary datasets, and are developed entirely independently, to ensure high-integrity assessments. These datasets include satellite imagery, geospatial maps, and ground data for nature-based projects.

Independent ratings equip market participants with vital risk information about the quality of carbon credits. They constitute the data infrastructure that informs sound net zero decision making and drives confidence in carbon markets.

Published: 10:27 PM 15 Apr 2024