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Gudmundur Sigbergsson
Published: 1:02 AM 26 Mar 2024

🚀 Indeed, there's a vast expanse to navigate, and this time it's all about bolstering infrastructure.

🔧 The ICR team has been working tirelessly, enhancing key components and bolstering our infrastructure to more effectively support the carbon market and climate project. Rest assured, we are deeply committed and excited to share innovative developments in the upcoming period. 📣

In this issue of our newsletter, we delve into our pursuit of ICROA and CORSIA endorsements, highlighting the strides we're making towards global recognition and operational excellence. 🌍

Our commitment to enhancing the ICR program, including its governance, operational procedures, and registration frameworks, is stronger than ever. This commitment encompasses the continuous improvement of our methodologies, proactive collaboration with the Stakeholder Forum, and the recruitment of distinguished experts for our Program Advisory Panel (PAP). 🌐

As the ICR sets new precedents for project registration, we remain dedicated to securing third-party endorsements, and ongoing application of ICROA and CORSIA✈️, bolstering our credibility and affirming our commitment to collaborative progress. 🤝


In February and earlier this month the ICR applied for ICROA and CORSIA endorsements respectively. This is the first time we apply for ICROA endorsement but the third time we apply for CORSIA - third time the charm they say...And yes, we're also preparing an application for ICVCM's CCPs.

The ICROA assessment has already started but based on our experience the CORSIA will start with initial clarification questions from the Technical Advisory Body (TAB) late spring.

In preparation for the assessment we are implementing a quality management system following the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and focusing on areas that needed improvement from previous rounds.

New Organizational Chart

Org chart.png


ICR Program Advisory Panel

Effective and transparent governance of a GHG program is essential in gaining and harnessing the expertise of external experts. Governance needs to include impartial input on needs and expectations from stakeholders.

We have appointed a new ICR Program Advisory Panel (PAP) to address the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. The ICR Program Advisory Panel (PAP) plays a vital role in contributing to ICR's policies and strategic direction and provides advisory to the ICR on its mission, vision, and strategic direction and feeds input into the decisions of the ICR Board.

We're proud to present new members of our Program Advisory Panel and thank them for joining us on the ICR vision.


Amit Sharma

image (1).webp Amit is a distinguished global climate-tech leader and serial entrepreneur involved in pivotal roles, such as being on the advisory board of the Point Carbon Zero program and launching a new Sustainability Fund. He also contributes significantly to climate finance and technology through SPREAD Pte. Ltd., a firm enhancing voluntary carbon markets with IoT and Blockchain technology. His extensive involvement spans advising climate-tech startups, mentoring in the Climate Finance Accelerator managed by KPMG, and advocating for the efficient and transparent use of technology in sustainability efforts.

Geetha Gopal

image (2).webp Geetha is a distinguished senior management professional and CEO of G Infinity Consulting, renowned for her leadership in management, technical, and carbon management consulting globally, with accolades such as the PMI Future 50 and CIO100 awards. Her career spans significant roles at Verdana and Panasonic, and nearly a decade at Daimler, marked by expertise in AI, IT infrastructure, and digital transformation.

Javier Castro image (3).webp Javier is a pivotal figure in sustainability and validation and verification of GHG projects, serving as the General Manager of IAVVB in Geneva and running Jocv Sustainability consultancy in Munich, where he fosters technical collaborations and develops sustainability standards. His rich background includes leading roles at TÜV SÜD and SustainCert S.A., enhancing his reputation as a leading expert in sustainability services, standards, and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

We're thankful for the members to join our mission and supporting our collective effort towards a low-carbon and sustainable economy.

Learn more about the members

Stakeholder engagement

Further on stakeholder engagement and harnessing input from external parties, we're excited to share that ICR is launching a stakeholder engagement site where input from ICR stakeholders is harnessed for continuous improvement of the ICR program and engagement in climate actions.

The Community Site, is a virtual discussion ground, where each of you can share, learn, discuss implications, improvements and inspire action towards a low carbon economy.

The Community site is born from our commitment to not only keep you informed about the latest trends, achievements, and challenges in carbon markets but also to actively involve you to participate in a dialogue shaping collective efforts. Through this platform, we aim to see success stories, innovative strategies, collaboration, inclusive practices and allow you to discuss publicly, highlighting the power of collective action and stakeholder engagement in driving real-world change.

Check out the community page


Exclusive and behind-door discussions will not increase trust. Therefore, we bring inclusive discussion forums focused on each role of the carbon markets on the Community site. These forums are:

The key objective of the forums is to create a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing, where members can share experiences, discuss evolving standards and methodologies, and stay abreast of regulatory changes and best practices. The forums aim to foster collaboration between stakeholders and the ICR, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of project registration processes and the real impacts represented in carbon credits. Additionally, forums serve as a platform for engagement with the ICR, allowing stakeholders to address program-related challenges collectively. Collaborative Exchange: To provide a platform to exchange experiences, insights, and expertise. Joint Improvement: To collaborate on initiatives that contribute to improving the ICR Program. Informed Awareness: To stay informed about developments, standards, and guidelines. Credibility Enhancement: To enhance the consistency and reliability of climate actions. Mission Support: To support the mission of the ICR in promoting accountability and transparency. Your input is important and invaluable to us. Learn more and participate in the 📢 Forums.

More about the forums in our next newsletter.

ICR is Committed to High Standards

The ICR team, alongside all our colleagues at CarbonRegistry.com, are resolute in our commitment to establishing ICR as a leading standard in the field of climate projects. We believe that our dedication and passion will yield significant advancements in the way we approach and execute these initiatives.

As always, our journey is intertwined with your support and trust. We'll continue to keep you informed on steps we're taking, and we welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can make a more significant impact together. Now you can do so through our Community site.

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Published: 1:02 AM 26 Mar 2024