Press Release: ICR Starts Pilot Biodiversity Program

Integrating Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration Into the Global Sustainability Efforts

Alondra Silva Munoz
Chief Marketing Officer
Published: 12:35 PM 20 Jun 2024

Reykjavík, Iceland – June 20, 2024 – The International Carbon Registry (ICR) announced today the development of a Pilot Biodiversity Program, designed to seamlessly integrate biodiversity conservation and restoration into global sustainability efforts. This pilot program in biodiversity aims to ensure that projects contributing to enhancing biodiversity have a framework to follow and organizations a quantifiable means of compensating for their effect on biodiversity or contribute to measurable biodiversity benefits. Projects will be registered and will issue biodiversity credits publicly at

About the ICR Biodiversity Program

The ICR Biodiversity Program will serve as a comprehensive framework for area-based biodiversity projects of all sizes, promoting Biodiversity Net Gain with a commitment to credibility, consistency, and transparency where the platform places a crucial role in transparently communicating benefits in an understandable manner. The program will align with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) and Biodiversity Net Gain principles, address biodiversity loss, and ensure the sustainable management of the planet's natural resources for current and future generations.

Key highlights of the ICR Biodiversity Program include:

  • Pilot Phase Launch: Initially, the ICR Biodiversity program will operate in a pilot phase, where the program will enable swift implementation of innovative projects focused on priority areas and species. This approach allows for real-world experience and the incorporation of lessons learned, ensuring the program evolves effectively and efficiently with engagement of interested parties.
  • High-Integrity: The program emphasizes the development of high environmental and social integrity standards, fostering transparency, accountability, and the active participation of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs).
  • Validation and Verification: In order to gain experience in the nascent biodiversity credit markets, projects will be validated and verified by an independent third party while ICR in collaboration with validation and verification bodies develops the necessary specifications for auditing of projects, based on the experiences gained from the pilot phase.
  • Biodiversity Credit Markets: By establishing and scaling up biodiversity credit markets, the program seeks to mobilize necessary finance for biodiversity conservation and restoration, driving impactful conservation outcomes while maintaining high standards of integrity, trust and transparency.

Alvaro Vallejo Joins ICR as Biodiversity Program Lead

ICR is delighted to welcome Alvaro Vallejo as the Biodiversity Program Lead. Alvaro brings extensive experience and expertise in forest and biodiversity management and conservation. Alvaro has over 34 years of experience in forest management, carbon project development, and biodiversity conservation. Alvaro is a forest engineer with a master’s in forest management and biodiversity conservation, and has worked extensively in the global south, mainly in Latin America and Africa. His expertise includes forest management, modeling, forest carbon project development (CDM, REDD+, Verra, Cercarbono), biodiversity crediting, and software development.

Previously, Alvaro was the Carbon Program Director and then the Biodiversity Program Director at Cercarbono, leading methodological developments for carbon projects and biodiversity projects. He has also served as the director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature regional office for South America and worked as a consultant for the World Bank's BioCarbon Fund and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.

“We are honored to welcome Alvaro Vallejo to the ICR team,” said Guðmundur Sigbergsson, CEO of ICR. “His extensive background in carbon markets and biodiversity conservation are invaluable as the ICR continues to develop and implement innovative solutions to meet environmental challenges. Alvaro’s expertise will enhance our initiatives, supporting our mission to protect and sustain the world’s natural resources.”.

About International Carbon Registry

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Iceland, the International Carbon Registry (ICR) is a global leader in carbon registration and management solutions. As a pioneer in integrating public blockchain technology, ICR provides a streamlined platform that accelerates the journey of carbon projects from design to delivery via marketplace integrations. Complying with globally recognized ISO standards, ICR simplifies the process of registering and issuing carbon credits (ICCs).

ICR’s team of experts is passionate about creating real, measurable impact and helping our clients achieve their sustainability goal, while advancing its mission of leading the way to a sustainable future, while being at the heart of climate innovation.

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Published: 12:35 PM 20 Jun 2024