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📅Date: 15th May 2024 ⏰ Time: 9 am CST 14 pm GMT 16 pm CET 1930 pm IST

Gudmundur Sigbergsson
Published: 4:28 PM 7 May 2024

About the Webinar: As part of our commitment to sustainable energy practices, ICR and Climate Wells are excited to introduce a new methodology, "M-ICR0006: Early Plugging of Marginal Oil and Gas Wells in the United States." This initiative aims to significantly reduce emissions by targeting old and marginal wells contributing disproportionately to methane emissions.

About the methodology: The "M-ICR0006: Early Plugging of Marginal Oil and Gas Wells in the United States" methodology aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying and plugging economically non-viable and low-producing oil and gas wells. A qualified Professional Petroleum Engineering Firm (PPEF) certifies the remaining reserves to ensure wells are suitable for early plugging. Baseline emissions are calculated using open-source LCA models, and the difference between these and post-plugging emissions quantifies the reductions. Emission reductions are credited once after plugging, with ongoing monitoring to ensure permanence. This methodology targets over 700,000 marginal wells, addressing a significant source of emissions despite their low output.

Why Attend? Understand the critical role of early well-plugging in meeting global carbon budgets. Explore the methodology and eligibility criteria. Learn about the validation/verification and approval processes and the long-term climate and economic impacts.

**Who Should Attend? ** Climate experts, policymakers, stakeholders, validation and verification bodies, and anyone interested in climate actions and carbon markets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to the discussions. Engage with experts and gain insights into innovative approaches to greenhouse gas reduction.


  • Introduction to the ICR Methodology Approval process.
  • Presentation of the M-ICR0006: Early Plugging of Marginal Oil and Gas Wells in the US
  • Q&A

Speakers Headshot 2024 Reid Calhoon (1).JPG Reid Calhoon, CEO ClimateWells About Reid Reid Calhoon is the founder and CEO of ClimateWells, a carbon market project developer focused on the early decommissioning of oil and gas wells. Previously, Reid ran RunTitle, a data business that tracked asset transfers in oil and gas, through its acquisition in 2020. Reid has over a decade of experience in energy transition systems. Reid and his family live in Austin, TX.

1665446203989.jpg Guðmundur Sigbergsson, CEO at International Carbon Registry About Guðmundur Gudmundur is the founder and CEO of the International Carbon Registry. Earlier, Gudmundur founded the accredited certification body iCert and was a managing director at the Central Bank of Iceland. Guðmundur further supported Carbfix in developing the methodology “Permanent and Secure Geological Storage of CO2 by In-situ Carbon Mineralization”, validated for conformity to ISO 14064-2:2019.

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Published: 4:28 PM 7 May 2024