ICR visits Saudi Arabia

Our newest team member Rannveig Anna Guicharnaud PhD Chief Science Officer (CSO) and Gudmundur Sigbergsson, CEO, visited hashtag#Dammam in Saudi Arabia last week for a workshop hosted by the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification (NCVC) (المركز الوطني لتنمية الغطاء النباتي ومكافحة التصحر NCVC) with Aarksee Green Arabia for Environmental Services, BAUER Group and the International Carbon Registry

The workshop addressed carbon from A-Z, ranging from understanding carbon and its importance, quantification, carbon markets and carbon credits, monitoring, reporting and verification, and opportunities in the region. 🛠️💡

📜Gudmundur did a presentation about the background of carbon markets and historical overview while Rannveig gave two presentations, one about methodology development relying on ISO 14064-2 with a practical example of 🏞️ wetland restoration🏞️, a methodology being developed under the ICR program and the second on the importance of soil mapping, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) within GHG projects 🌱

The workshop concluded with a field visit to a mangrove restoration project in Dammam. We’re grateful for the invitation and excited to see innovative solutions being implemented in the Middle East.

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