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Project Flux

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Project type
Avoidance / Reduction
Project status
ISO 14064-2
Energy demand



Lat=51° 0' 16.18" N

Lng=2° 11' 10.12" W

Project description

The Industrial laundry sector uses significant amounts of energy and water to wash everything from hotel linen to workwear. The UK industrial laundry industry puts over 4 million cubic metres of hot waste water to drain per annum. The Project Flux membrane technology shows that hot waste water can be cleaned and put back into the wash cycle saving energy, water and chemicals. The system uses durable ceramic membranes coated with alumina oxide. By recycling wastewater and putting the hot water back into the washing cycle, significant savings of gas and water have been demonstrated and quantified. Reduced gas and water usage also reduces carbon emission significantly. The patent-membrane filtration technology provides water recovery rate of up to 80% and energy cost savings of up to 50% due to the high membrane flux and continuous filtration capability.

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