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GUD Great Green Wall Agency Senegal

Estimated Credits

Est. yearly average

51,465C02t per year

Est. total average


Crediting start date

Aug 1, 2023

Crediting period

15 years

Project type
Sequestration / Removal
Project status
Afforestation and reforestation



Lat=15° 58' 26.02" N

Lng=15° 43' 47.66" W

Project description

GUD Malta collaborates with Senegal's Great Green Wall Agency to support local communities in land restoration and biodiversity enhancement. The aim is to restore the landscape to Acacia Senegal forests, while also empowering communities that nurture the saplings in garden nurseries. We see trees as more than just carbon sequestration agents; their broader benefits align with various Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets. This view resonates with the spirit of the Paris Agreement, which is more than simply about emissions reductions; it urges us to embrace a holistic approach, considering comprehensive impacts as well as offsets. By employing a NASA AI model for remote sensing, we are bringing cutting-edge Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) to the Sahel region. Utilizing these proprietary MRV innovations, our partnership delivers real-time, detailed impact and progress reports, underscoring the multifaceted benefits of restoration beyond just carbon credits. The completion of the Great Green Wall would comprise 28% of the Bonn Challenge's global forestry target, emphasizing that it's not simply an initiative for Africa but one that benefits the world. Achieving this vision represents a monumental achievement for humanity and will require an amalgamation of collaboration, technological innovation, and humanitarian support.

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