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Our platform empowers marketplaces and resellers by providing a streamlined solution to efficiently integrate with the platform, source, and offer carbon credits for sale from a diverse range of projects.

We recognize the importance for marketplaces to broaden their offerings, amplify their influence, and establish connections with a broader network of buyers and sellers. Our user-friendly registry platform empowers marketplaces and resellers to simplify their operations while maximizing their contributions to mitigating climate change. Simultaneously, it facilitates access to diverse sales channels.

Key features of our platform for marketplaces and resellers include:

Efficient Integration and Sourcing:

  • Seamlessly integrate with our platform to gain access to a wide array of climate projects. Source and offer high-quality carbon credits from verified and dependable projects worldwide.
  • Employ our API for seamless integration and receive real-time updates on carbon credit inventory.

Expanded Offerings and Impact:

  • Diversify your portfolio of standards by including carbon credits from a variety of projects and sectors.
  • Enhance your impact on climate change by connecting with a broader network of buyers and sellers.

Streamlined Transaction Management: (coming soon)

  • Simplify the buying and selling process with our user-friendly transaction management tools (Escrow).
  • Access real-time inventory updates, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information.

Join our growing community of marketplaces and resellers and discover the transformation our platform can bring to your operations while maximizing your influence on climate change mitigation. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your offerings and connect with a wider network of buyers and sellers today.

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