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Prymorska-2 Wind Farm

Estimated Credits

Est. yearly average

178,791C02t per year

Est. total average


Crediting start date

Sep 30, 2019

Crediting period

10 years

Pryazovsk District
Project type
Avoidance / Reduction
Project status
Energy industries


Pryazovsk District

Lat=47° 2' 25.75" N

Lng=36° 4' 49.76" E

Project description

Prymorska-2 Wind Farm (WF) is a renewable type of wind power plant with an operation start date of 01/09/2019, located in in Zaporizhzhia region in Ukraine. The purpose of the project is to provide renewable electricity to the Ukraine grid through harnessing wind energy. Project aims reducing the dependency on fossil fuel based electricity generation in Ukraine, hence reducing the local environmental pollution and contributing to combatting global climate change. Prymorska-2 WF is a large scale project activity with an installed capacity of 99.58 MW, providing 305,784.61 MWh/year clean electricity to the Ukraine grid system, and achieving 196,670 tCO2 of emission reduction annually. Project activity is expected to achieve 1,966,700 tCO2 emission reductions during the 10-year crediting period.

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