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Dak Srong 2A Hydropower Project

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Kong Chro District
Project type
Avoidance / Reduction
Project status
Energy industries


Kong Chro District

Lat=13° 41' 30.08" N

Lng=108° 33' 45.51" E

Project description

The Dak Srong 2 A 18MW hydropower project is being developed by Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hydropower Joint Stock Company of Viet Nam. The proposed project activity aims to construct and operate a run-of river hydropower project. Being a run-of-river (rather than accumulation reservoir plant), it offers an environmentally friendly solution to growing energy demand. It will be located in Yang Nam, and Dak Kning Communes, Kong Chro District, Gia Lai Province in the highlands area of Viet Nam and is hereafter referred to as “the project activity”. Gia Lai is located in the central highland area of the country, which is one of the poorest areas in Viet Nam1. The proposed project utilises water resources of the Ba River, which runs into the East Sea of Viet Nam. Project transitioned from CDM: Project 4210 : Dak Srong 2A Hydropower Project

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