Methodology approval process

New methodologies proposals and methodology revisions are approved through the process set out in this ICR methodology approval process, consisting of a review by the ICR, a public stakeholder consultation, an independent assessment by a validation/verification body, and final approval by the ICR board.

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Methodology development

Methodologies include requirements towards a specific type of climate project that, with their application, conform to the requirements of ISO 14064-2, ICR requirements, and other normative requirements. They set out requirements and guidelines for establishing the baseline scenario, quantification, monitoring, and confirmation requirements that ensure consistency in their application and resulting impacts in mitigation outcomes specific climate projects. If ICR or other GHG programs have not already approved a methodology applicable to the climate solution, the project proponent needs to develop and propose a new methodology for approval by the ICR.


ICR meth approval process.png

The methodology developer shall follow the requirements in the ICR methodology requirements, use the methodology description template for the development and strive to safeguard structural integrity, consistency, and readability. The methodology shall follow all instructions in the methodology description template and justify all deviations. More about the methodology approval process and requirements here.