ICR requirement document

Program revision August 2023

Public consultation from 3. August 2023 - 12. September 2023

The International Carbon Registry is launching a public consultation to inform development of the ICR Program. This consultation will solicit feedback on ICR requirement document to improve the usability and clarity as we release the fifth version of the ICR requirement document.


The intention of the proposed revisions is to strengthen the program requirements, enhance clarity and to align the ICR program further with integrity initiatives in the voluntary carbon market.


This consultation invites stakeholders to comment on the proposed revision on the ICR requirement document to deliver climate action at the scale, pace, and integrity needed to support global climate ambitions.

We welcome input on proposed updates that could improve the usability of the ICR Program, such as clarifications of requirements that may cause differences in interpretation between project proponents and validation/verification bodies. These comments will help inform the language of the proposed revision.


The consultation will end on 24. August 2023.

Issued documentation post public consultation

ICR requirement document v5.0


Final version

ICR definitions v2.0


Final version